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20120213-PCP-MOslanecMNavrat_Bratislava-0024Why Should You Hire US?

NAO Visa is a leading international law firm practicing all aspects of immigration law. Due to our international presence, we are serving people from around the world & helping them to get where they want to be. Work, do business, invest, live and study in the United States. Read more about us here.

1. Passionate.

Passion is the driven force that makes us deliver exceptional results. We love what we do & we love to change YOUR life.

2. Creative.

Being creative means being able to craft the precise visa solution that YOU want & need.

3. Driven & Solution Oriented.

Every single problem offers at least one solution. Solution for YOU.

4. Team Work.

When we work together things get done. Let us show YOU how.

5. Quality.

We choose to work with premium clients who understand & prefer Quality over Quantity. We give YOUR case undivided attention & support during  your visa application process. Result? YOU get what you WANT. Life in America.

6. Location Independent.

Our online presence is everywhere. YOU can access our services & products from anywhere.

7. 100 % PRO.


About The Founder

NAO Visa Success Story

Marieta Oslanec has graduated from Matej Bel University School of Law in Slovakia (’07), Northwestern University School of Law (’10) and became a New York licensed attorney. Marieta is a Managing Partner at Navrat & Oslanec, Founder & Director at NAO Visa and Founder of Immigration Biz.  Her main area of practice is an immigration law with primary focus on complex business and investment issues.

Marieta speaks fluent Slovak, Czech and English. Her mission is to help foreign investors and entrepreneurs get over the immigration struggles with ease and create a sustainable and profitable business in the U.S.

Marieta’s businesses were featured at Forbes, Playboy, Pravda and many other public media.

Contact: marieta.oslanec@navratoslanec.com
Website: www.marietaoslanec.com

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