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Investing or starting your own business in America?

Well done. You are at the right place to start. First, let us tell you the benefits of incorporating in America.


  • Reliable legal system 
  • Low incorporation fees
  • Global recognition
  • Ability to run & manage your business from abroad by using our services
  • Incorporating your business doesn’t require any immigration status for Owners/Members/Directors 
  • Possibility to sponsor yourself on E visa once the business is up & running
  • Great network that can benefit your business
  • You can incorporate online & receive online support all year around 
  • Tax advantages 
  • Highest ownership protection 
  • Anonymity secured.

Where Should You Incorporate

  • Delaware
  • New York
  • California
  • Florida

*We do recommend to incorporate in Delaware. Here is why. 

  • Most reliable legal system
  • Best government services
  • Low maintenance fees

What kind of Visa Do I need to Travel for a Business trip to America?

If you are planning to travel for a business trip or a temporary stay relating to your business, you can apply for simple Business Visa. Click here and learn more information about B visa.

 What kind of Visa do I need when investing in the United States? 

Investment size is the critical factor to establish the category of visa you can apply to. Investment capital ranging from 30K-500K would qualify for E-2 Investor Visa. Learn more about E-2 Visa here. In case you are investing capital starting at 500K you may be able to apply for a Green Card via EB-5 immigrant visa category. More details about EB-5 Visa can be found here.

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