RF244634Have you just got happily married to your american hubby and now figuring out what are the next steps you should take in order to get your green card? First of all, congrats! Second, we have prepared a quick overview of the process you should take in order to get your green card.  


What is The Green Card? Green card entitles you to permanently reside in the United States. Reside means live, study, work, do your own business or do nothing:-) You are having NO restrictions plus freedom to do whatever you like. Finally, right? :-)



Obtaining a green card through marriage has been found to be the fastest and most assured way of gaining your permanent residence in the US. However, you should know that marriage alone will not guarantee you a green card, unless certain steps are strictly followed. Also, vital for you to understand is that petitions for a green card through marriage are carefully scrutinized to ensure that the marriage in question is bona fide or legitimate. Basically, USCIS want to make sure that you are not faking your LOVE! 


The important question is who qualifies for such green card?

-       Foreign spouses of Citizens of the Unites States living abroad

-       The foreign spouses who have entered the US on Spouse or Fiance Visa

Also if at the time of your application, the visa or visa waiver has expired, foreign spouse via american citizen, can still apply for her green card in the US. Canadian citizens are not required to produce any proof of legal entry to the US.

Procedure of Getting Your Green Card

The very first step is to ensure that there is a legally binding marriage between two of you. In other words, the parties should make certain proof (valid Marriage Certificate) that the validity of their marriage can be proved. Once the marriage has taken place and can be proved, the parties can go ahead and file the following documents with the USCIS.


-       Petition for Alien relative, which is made on USCIS form 1-130

-       Biographic information, which is made on USCIS form G-325A

-       Application to register for permanent residence, which is made on USCIS form 1-485

-       Request for travel documents, which is made on USCIS form 1-131. The filing of this form is optional.

-       An affidavit of support, made on USCIS form 1-864

-       Application for work authorization, made on USCIS form 1-756. Filing of this form is optional.

-       Necessary Medical examination results, made on USCIS form 1-693

The next step will be for the USCIS to issue documents of your work authorization and permission to travel. These will be issued approximately ninety days after filing the application. Two to four months after filing the original application, the USCIS will contact you to schedule an interview.


If the interview is successful, the spouse who is a foreign national will receive a Conditional Permanent Resident Card aka Conditional Green Card (CGC). This CGC is valid for period of 2 years only! Ninety days before expiration of your CGC, holder must apply for the removal of condition, otherwise holder will lose his permanent residency forever. This application is made via USCIS form 1-751. It takes about four to eight weeks after the successful interview to receive the Permanent Green Card and you are good to go. Free like a bird. Congrats again!


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Marieta Oslanec 



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