Green Card

Life in America. 

Are you dreaming about life in America?
Maybe not dreaming but ended up in America anyway?
Married to american hubby?
How about running your own “american” business?

There are several ways how you can end up in America. Let’s make it simple & straight forward for you.

What is it “Green Card” or “Permanent Residency”? 

Green Card (“GC”) is something like your ID card that allows you to stay, live, work, do business or do nothing in America. Basically, you are allow to do all activities as american citizens except to vote. You can obtain your GC in several ways:

  • Green Card via Marriage: when you marry an americano, you are “in”. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to get to the US. Want to find out more, please read here.
  • Green Card via Employment: in case you are working for american employer who is willing to sponsor you, he may do so via process of EB-1 visa. Read more here.
  • Green Card via Family: precisely via “direct relative” that is a spouse, child, brother, sister, or parent who is a US. citizen. For more information, please click here.
  • Green Card via Lottery: Each year there is the electronic Diversity Visa Lottery (EDVL). EDVL starts every year in October and ends in December. Therefore, please sing up for our weekly newsletter and don’t miss your chance to get in.
  • Green Card via Asylum: persons persecuted for political, racial, religious, or ethnic reasons are eligible to apply for a green card. For more information click here
  • Green Card via Investment: if you are investing significant capital (500K-1mil.) you can apply for EB-5 immigrant visa. Please read more here.

So that was a short overview of your “green card” options.

After you get your Green Card and live in the US for 5 years, you will apply for your citizenship. This process is called “naturalization”. Read more about this process here.

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