E-2 Investor Visa to the US

This Ebook is here to help you learn all that you need about E-2 visa process so your visa process becomes smooth and easy. Manage your business in the US today!

Are you investing to the US? Dont want to pay expensive legal fees? You dont have to! Manual E-2 visa was created for you so your investing process becomes smooth and easy. E-2 Visa Manual is useful tool for foreign investors who are in the process of investing their capital in the US market or are looking for investment opportunities in the US. Many investors are not sure what kind of visa they need. In order to live in the US on the permanent basis or travel to the US as frequently as they like, investor must be holder of E-2 or EB5 immigrant visa.

E2 Visa are non-immigrant  visa that allows investors live, work, and manage their business for two years without any limitations. This type of visa can be extended as long as the investor keeps managing his business. EB5 visa is immigrant visa category and allows investors permanent residency in the US. The main difference is in the amount of investment capital. EB5 visa applicant must invest minimum of USD 500,000 into troubled areas or areas with high unemployment rate. E-2 visa applicant must invest only “substantial” investment capital.

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H1B Work Visa to the US 

Work and Live in the US today! H1B Work Visa Manual was created to help you get your H1B visa without problems. Don’t want to pay expensive legal fees? Read this manual and get an idea how to apply for H1B visa by yourself! Work and Live in the US today! H1B Work Visa Manual offers exact steps how to apply for your work visa abroad or while in the United Sates. Also this book includes everything that you need to know about changing your status in the US, legal visa fees, application fees, USCIS deadlines, work visa cap, specialty occupations, and other work visa requirements.

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