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Considering to apply  for a program study at american college or grad school/University? Then, you are at the right place my friend.

I have personally studied at St. Albans high school as an exchange student and few years later graduated from Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago. Great experience! Wanna know more? read my story here

Marieta Oslanec
Founder NAO Visa

There are number of great schools in the US. See list here. There are several requirements that should be met if you like to get in. Each school has a different set of requirements, but they all require successfully pass the admission procedure.

How To Start 

1) Decide what you want to study. It’s so important to know how what is it that you want to study and do after your program is over. American school is a quite expensive deal, but worth it, if you know for sure that it’s what you really want. Not to say that it’s not easy for a foreign student to study in a different country and in a different language.

2) Decide what school you like to get in. There are number of good schools, public or private. What we do recommend is to aim for the top 10 schools. Here is why.

  • Get in requires to study a bit harder than to get to an average school.
  • When looking for an employment, college name & raking will make the difference.

3) Contact the school admission office and ask for details regarding admission process for foreign students. 

4) Check out the tuition fee and ask whether there is any financial aid available or any school loans that you can apply for. 

5) Find out what exams you must pass and what score do you need. 

6) Start gathering all necessary documents for your admission. 

7) Start to study for your exams including TOEFL exam for foreign students. Don’t cheat! Study hard! It will pay off.

8) Take the necessary admission exams. Trust Yourself! You can and will do it!

9) Once you have received the results put all documents together and apply for the program. Be careful and don’t miss your deadline. 

10) Once you are in, make sure to receive your I-20 Form. This is the most important form for you to apply for F1 student visa.

11) Get your student visa & take off! America is waitin’ for ya!

12) Enjoy your school and don’t forget to have fun! You are going to meet so many awesome new friends from all over the world. You are going to learn so many new things about US culture, people from around the world, and the most importantly you are going to study what you want! You will love your school and you will love your classmates. You don’t have to memorize a thing, but think and learn to be creative & really use your brain. American school system is a very different than other school systems and it works. Once you graduate your school, you are good to go! No more theory but action!

What to do after school 

  1. After your school program is over, you still have some time to stay in the US legally. You may apply for OPT, optional practical training, that allows you to stay and work in the US for one year. You can apply for an internship or fulltime position.
  2. When your OPT is over you may ask your employer to sponsor you on H1B work visa. There are limited numbers of H1B visas each year, therefore, we strongly advise you to apply on time, that is on April 1st. Please click here to read more about H1B visa.

What steps to take next 

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