Tips for a Successful E-2 Visa Interview

interviewTips for a Successful E-2 Visa Interview.

A lot of people get nervous about their E-2 visa interviews but what they do not understand is that the interview has a lot of predictable patterns. Even though this will help you prepare accordingly, you may still be in for various unexpected twists and turns which depend on the consulate officer conducting the interview. If you are looking for tips to prepare better in order to be successful, read on.

Look Your Absolute Best.

Since the first impression is the last impression, you will have to ensure you look your absolute best. The way you look and appear defines your values, goals and respect for others. This does not necessarily mean you should make yourself appear as someone else. For instance, if you are a student then you must look like a student. However, the way you dress and look will convey how serious you are about your goals and your reasons for immigrating to the US.

Be Honest.

Regardless of how desperate you are to pass your interview, it is imperative you are truthful and honest about your document submissions throughout the process. Deception and lies have a tendency to catch up on people when they least expect it. If you do get caught, you will be in for serious trouble and will end up losing the opportunity to enjoy the immigration benefits provided by the US Government.

Be Organized.

It is a good idea to prepare all the required documents beforehand. The efficient location of documents for easy access can allow you to be confident without being disgruntled in front of the interviewing officer. You should arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes before the interview to give yourself enough time to calm down and be ready so that you do not look rushed or hurried.

Confidence is the Key.

The success of your interview is depends on your confidence. There is no fixed duration for the interview and it can last for any length of time, depending on how quickly you answer the questions. Apart from being honest, you have to be confident and respond to all questions with direct and clear answers. However, at the same time, it is a good idea to ensure you are not volunteering information in order to take control of the visa interview.

Stay Up to Date.

It is a known fact the US visa requirements and rules are revised periodically. Instead of being ill-prepared, it is a good idea to go through the most recent rules available at the local embassy’s website. This will ensure you are not way over your head and will be prepared to submit what’s required in accordance with the latest immigration laws.

Keeping these factors in mind, you will be able to make the best of your situation and increase your chances of succeeding with your interview. However, you do need to keep in mind the tips mentioned above are for educational purposes and are not a substitute for legal advice. If you are having difficulties, it is a good idea to consult an immigration attorney.

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