Barack Obama and his Immigration Policy

Barack Obama and His Immigration Policy

Having once more scored at the election for a consecutive second term, President Barack Obama now proceeds to lay out his own vision to win America’s future. In order to effectively secure the prosperity of all Americans, the nation needs to out-innovate, out-build, and out-educate the world as a whole, and fixing its collapsed system of immigration plays a significant role in the master plan. As the nation starts restructuring its economy, its ability to flourish, to some extent, depends on restoration of accountability and responsibility to its failing system of immigration.

The President particularly takes his responsibility for enforcing US immigration laws earnestly. Over the past three years, unprecedented resources have been exclusively dedicated by Obama administration mainly for the purpose of making US borders more secure; taken significant steps for making the nation’s worksite and interior enforcement more effective and smarter; as well as brought perceptible improvements in the legal system of immigration.

In June 2012, a totally new process was announced by Homeland Security which aimed to make the US immigration policy a lot more efficient and much fairer, by tuning up its key enforcement resources for the prime function of removing those individuals that pose a direct public safety or national security risk, by eliminating the deportation threat for youngsters who may have come to the United States as children, but are today categorized as lower level enforcement priorities. Yet, it’s literally impracticable to resolve such issues with a collapsing system of immigration, purely through enforcement measures on their own.

President Barack Obama and his Immigration Policy intend on targeting:

  • Accountability for commercial ventures that are law breakers who undermine US workers and practice exploitation of undocumented foreign workers; signifying that employers deliberately hiring and exploiting such undocumented foreign workforce must be strictly held accountable for this unlawful action on their part. On the other hand, employers who strictly abide by the rules should be offered reliable means of verifying if employees they propose hiring are genuinely legal immigrants.
  • Strengthening economic competitiveness of the nation, through creation of a legal system of immigration, that reflects its diverse needs and values. US immigration laws must continue to ensure reunification of families, as well as help to encourage individuals that have been trained in world-class US institutions to carry on residing and developing further new industries and technologies in the US, instead of relocating overseas.
  • Those individuals, living illegally in the US, must be held equally accountable for any actions on their part; get appropriately legalized through registration, undergo criminal background and national security checks; pay penalties and taxes; and learn the English language so that they can be considered as potentially eligible candidates for US citizenship. Becoming a US citizen does not come with rights alone; it is also necessary to abide by prescribed fundamental responsibilities.

Although many prior attempts have been made to meet this challenge head-on, disagreements are rampant and passions great. President Obama is aware the responsibility calls for more than can be easily handled, but the American public demands and truly deserves a practicable way out.

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