Deportation Proceeding

If you are incarcerated in the US and willingly returns back or you are charged with criminal offense, but you haven’t completed deportation proceeding then you will be detained by immigration and custom officers. Once you are deported through deportation proceeding, you can be denied an entrance into the US for three to  twenty years.

Some of the major charges which can result in deportation proceeding are smuggling, marriage fraud, criminal offense, documentation issues, terrorist act, human or other type of trafficking etc. but as well staying in the US as an undocumented alien or beyond your legal status.

However,  if you fall in the category which allows the cancellation of deportation orders, then you can be retained. A general mistake of most of the people is that they lose their hope. One who consults the legal advisors in advance can escape the hard deportation process as there are lots of relaxations given in deportation rules. A well ranked legal advisor can find a way according which you may not be eligible for deportation by finding different rules and laws. A legal advisor or immigration attorney can find a way which can help to you find a condition under which you may not be subjected to deportation.

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