Who Can Apply for a Green Card through Self-petition?

E-11 Immigrant Visas

The E-11 Immigrant Visas are also commonly known as green cards obtainable through self petition.

Under two specific classifications for immigrant workers, the prior need for having a job offered to them is completely done away with. Accordingly, they may choose to opt for the self-petition option, where a worker is not required to have an employer as a sponsor, as is the case for E-11 Immigrant Visa.

Generally included in these two categories of workers are:

  • Those individuals who possess extraordinary abilities in various sciences, arts, business, education or athletic sports (E-11)
  • Those individuals granted the NIW, or National Interest Waiver (E21)

Those individuals who do not fall within any one of both these specific categories, may not be able to self petition themselves, basing their respective applications on employment. For other options related to green card based on employment, you may browse several online websites that provide detailed information regarding: green card facilities through potential job offers, green card facilities through potential investment opportunities, etc.

Individuals who possess extraordinary abilities or exceptional talents are generally the ones who can indisputably be considered the most outstanding in their respective fields. As such, it’s quite understandably a category of eligibility that could apply to a very small number of individuals. Some examples of those who would qualify for E-11 immigrant visas include winners of Nobel Prize, notable athletes and sports personages, as well as a few others who would have succeeded in achieving the greatest accomplishments in their respective fields of excellence.

Application Process for Those Residing Outside the US

If you are a non-US resident, you may have the option of becoming permanent resident of the US by means of consular processing, while living abroad. Consular processing involves USCIS and Department of State working jointly for issuance of an immigrant visa vide a duly approved and processed form I-140, an Alien Worker Immigrant Petition, subject to availability of a visa.

Application Process for Those Residing Inside the US

If you are a US resident, you may have the option of becoming permanent resident of the US by means of having your status re-adjusted, while continuing to reside within the United States. As soon as you can have your form I-140 duly approved, and a corresponding visa number becomes available for you, you can proceed with your application by completing the Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status on form I-485, entitling you to the status of a permanent US resident.

Supporting Evidence to be submitted with Form I-485 includes:

  • Evidence of parole, inspection or admission into the US (Form I-94: Record of Arrival and Departure)
  • If already approved for immigrant petition, attach copy of approval notice received from USCIS
  • Two recent color photographs
  • Form G-325-A: Sheet of your Biographic Data (required for ages between 14 and 79 years)
  • Form I-693: Your Medical Examination Report (need not submit if your application is based on uninterrupted residence in the US since prior to 1972, or should you have undergone medical examinations based on your fiancé visa)

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