Everything You Need To Know About Your Citizenship Interview

> on June 27, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Many people don’t know what to do when they are invited for the U.S. citizenship interview after filling N-400 form. The key to passing a citizenship interview is to prepare well in advance.

Prepare well for your citizenship interview

During the citizenship interview, you will be expected to answer ten randomly selected questions and have to answer at least six of them correctly in order to pass the interview. The questions are on U.S civics. The key to passing is know what questions to expect. Learning this material may take time and therefore, you need to dedicate enough time to it. There are many resources on the internet that will help you prepare for this part of the interview.

Expect to be asked personal questions too. These will include questions about your family and your history in the U.S. In general, these will be the same questions you answered on the citizenship application form. Therefore, go through these questions in advance so that you memorize the answers. You may be asked if there are any changes to your application since you filled the form.

If there are any changes, be prepared to discuss them truthfully. For example, you may have gotten another child. If this is the case, have your child’s name and birth certificate ready. If you traveled outside the U.S, have the exact dates of travel with you. If you have changed your job, have the new employers name and address with you.

Gather your documents and put them ready

Gather all your documents so they are ready for the interview. These are important documents that can make or break your case. If you are looking to change your name after you become a U.S. citizen, maybe best time to bring up this issue is during the interview. Have your new name ready and tell it to the officer.

Work on your English

During the interview, the officer will be testing your understanding of English. If you don’t understand a question, have the officer rephrase it until you understand. Have one of your friends ask you questions in English and practice speaking fluent English most of the time. You are becoming american citizen so you should be able to speak fluently anyway.

On the citizenship interview day

Your citizenship interview might be one of the most important interviews in your life and you need to look your best. Therefore, dress up for the interview. Also, appear at least 15 minutes early for the interview. This will give you enough time to be well acquitted to the environment and pass through all the security checks. If you come late, your case may be closed.

During the interview, the officer will start by asking you to swear an oath. You must then try to convince the officer that you are qualified for your U.S citizenship. The most important thing to remember is to speak the truth. You are under oath. If you are caught lying during the interview, you will be denied citizenship. Remember to show respect to the interviewing officer.

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