Get Your EB-1 Immigrant Visa

EB-1 Immigrant Visa

Each year about one hundred and forty thousand visas are issued to foreign workers. These are made available to the candidates who have applied in the respective category and who fulfil the requirements set under the US immigration laws. These visas fall in the Employment Based visa type. Employment based visas are further divided into five sub categories. These categories have different provisions for spouse and children of the immigrant.

The EB-1 Immigrant Visa is preferred class of employment based visa which allows permanent stay in the US. It targeted at priority workers who can be of remarkable value to American society. Unlike other categories of employment based visas the applicants for EB-1 do not have to go through labour verification process. This sub-category of Employment based visa is further broken down into following three sub-classes:

Here we will list the basic requirements of each of these three sub-categories. Apart from the rudimentary prerequisites that follow there are many other things that need to be fulfilled for petitioning for an EB-1 Immigrant visa but this articles will give you the essential facts.

1. Extraordinary Ability.

It includes people who have extraordinary abilities in the fields of science and technology, arts, athletics, sports and business etc. If you petition for this category then you must have extensive credentials to demonstrating stable national or international acclaim. The candidates applying for this category need not have definitive job offers as long as they plan on working in the same areas as the ones in which they have demonstrated their extraordinary ability. These applicants can submit their own visa requests for foreign workers with Form I-140 to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Gaining legal residential status in US as a foreigner is not an easy task because according to USCIS a person with extra ordinary ability is someone who has risen to the top of his field.

2. Exceptional professors and researchers.

This class is for professors and researchers who have international recognition for their academic accomplishments in a specific area. The professors and researchers need to at least three years’ experience in teaching or doing research. Such applicants must be entering the United States to carry on with a tenure, or tenure track teaching or similar research position at some university or institution of higher education. The application for such a candidate must be filed by a perspective employer with a specific job offer under the Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers with Form I-140 to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

3. Multinational managers or executives 

Managers and executives of some companies are also eligible for the EB-1 immigrant visa program. The perspective immigrants under this category need to be employed during the previous three years period. And they should have at least one year managerial or executive experience outside of US with the same company. Also the employee must be coming to the US on a managerial or executive position. The Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker for such a prospective immigrant must be filed by the employer, explicitly detailing the job offer.

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