Green Card – Path to Your Residency

Green Card – Your Permanent Residence in the USA

One of the longest prevailing political impasses in the current US history has and still remains immigration; sought by a large number of foreigners eager to permanently settle in the country, by every way. This in turn has obviously generated tons of pending applications as well as legal work related to green cards and visas, which are expressly designed to control and monitor the huge number of individuals to desire to immigrate to the US. Consequently, obtaining a green card in the proper legal manner is perhaps among one of the much desired yet equally complex application processes to effectively complete or get through without much aggravation.

As per US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), holder of a Green Card is a person who has officially been granted the authorization both to live as well as obtain employment in the US on permanent basis. To authenticate that status, an individual is issued with a permanent card for residence, also commonly known as the Green Card. There are several ways in which a desiring individual can gain permanent residency in the US. Most applicants nonetheless need to be either directly sponsored by an employer or a close family member, who has to be a national. Other applicants may apply for permanent residency by way of an asylum seeker or a refugee status, or alternately through participation in some relevant humanitarian program of the US government. In certain cases, applicants are also likely to be considered eligible for filing their own applications for permanent residency.

Essential steps for becoming the Green Card holder generally vary to some extend and depend primarily on whether the applicant is already a local US resident or still lives abroad. The basic categories include:

  • Green Card through a Family Member
  • Green Card through an Employment
  • Green Card obtained by an Asylum Seeker or Status of a Refugee
  • Other Optional Ways of Getting the Green Card

Since the green card gives its holder a legal right to permanently reside within the US, obtaining is never considered a simple or straightforward procedure. Rather a very stringent evaluation system has been put in place for ensuring that mistakes are completely eliminated and deceptive applications effortlessly detected. As such, aspirant applicants are advised to seek the services of an accredited firm of experienced lawyers that specialize in immigration laws and green card procedures.

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