How Can You Contribute to the Immigration Reform?

Immigration Reform

The immigration reform bill is facing criticism from both sides of the immigration bill debate. Engineered by the “Gang of Eight”, this bill will struggle to hold its own in the Senate. Many people, senators included, are predicting total failure for the bill in the senate. The only chance for the bill standing is that the Senate is currently in the control of the democrats. Some democrats in the Senate feel that some sections of the bill should be improved further before they can vote for it. For example, some do not agree with the border security issue, which advocates for the use of millions of USD to improve border security.

The bill proposes tightened border security and a crackdown on employers who hire immigrant workers. Employers will have to use E-verify to confirm that the immigrant they want to hire is legally registered. The bill also seeks to improve the legal immigration system while creating a clear pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

The issue of improved border security

Some senators think that the border issue is so crucial that if not amended, the bill has little chance of passing in the House. This section of the immigration bill has caused a stir among many people. It has to be improved first. The border security issue makes people suspicious about the intentions of the government, because the new laws are being enforced for the first time.

The instant legalization issue

One section of the bill seeks to grant legal status to more than 11 million immigrants who entered the US before 31st December 2011. Some of these will be excluded by the new policies. Immigration advocates say leaving some of these people behind will not solve the problem of illegal immigration. Then some think that granting legal status to the more than 11 million illegal immigrants is making things too easy for them. Some people say that being an American citizen should not be as easy as this bill proposed.

If the bill passes, 11 million undocumented immigrants will receive legal status and later, citizenship. However, not everyone will be eligible and millions more could be locked out for lack of the penalty fees, which can cost about $10,000.

Where things stand

Some people feel that the immigration bill can pass easily. The senate majority leader predicted an easy passage of the bill with almost all democrats in the senate voting for it. The bill must receive votes from at least 60 members. If the bill gets 52 democrats, it only needs eight votes from the republicans.

How can YOU influence the immigration reform

Follow this link and get in touch with your Senator and express your support for the comprehensive immigration reform TODAY! Click here to participate the immigration reform.

You can also CALL 888-891-3271 to reach your Senators’ offices and tell them to support reform! The Senate continues their debate on S. 744, the immigration reform bill that contains the path to citizenship we’ve been fighting for. Make sure to call your Senator at 888-891-3271 in support of comprehensive reform!

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