How to Get a Green Card via Employment Offer (EB-4 Fourth Preference Category)?


How to Get a Green Card via Employment Offer (EB-4 Fourth Preference Category)?

Special immigrants who wish to attain a Green Card via employment are usually drawn from various categories. They include broadcasters, religious workers, Iraqis that have assisted the U.S, Iraqi/Afghan translators, physicians, internationals organization employees, Panama Canal Zone employees, armed forces members, retired NATO employees and children and spouses of deceased NATO employees. To be considered for a green card based on this category, your employer is required to file Form I-360 that is a petition for Amerasian, special immigrant or widow(er). Even then, an employee may also file a self-petition as long as they are eligible.

Spouses and children of the EB-4 immigrant visa holders aged below 21 and are unmarried of EB-4 immigrant visas may be admitted to the U.S. In the case of broadcasters, a grantee of the BBG or International Broadcasting Bureau of the United States Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), may petition for not only the alien but also their accompanying children and spouse to either work as a grantee of BBG or broadcaster. Note that BBG grantee refers to Radio Free Asia, Inc (RFA) or Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Inc while broadcaster refers to writer, reporter, producer or announcer for news broadcasts, editorial and other broadcast features, editor, translator, and hosts for news broadcasts. However, it does not include those individuals performing support or technical services for the BBG or the grantee.

The filled Form I-360 petitions that are submitted by the BBG or the BBG grantee for the broadcast position must be supported by a supplemental attestation that is signed and dated. The attestation covers certain information about the alien broadcaster that includes their job title, job description, details of their expertise such as the duration, which the alien has been working in a station related to the position, or a statement detailing the skills set that make them qualified for the position.

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