Immigration Reform, Is It Really Happening?

Due to the large number of people involved, issues about illegal immigration have always been controversial.  Some people claim that illegal immigration causes treats to national security and costs the state around billion dollars annually. In 1986, President Bush signed into law the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. This law was a hard blow not only to the illegal immigrants themselves, but to their families as well because it prohibited companies and business establishments from hiring them.

Things however changed when President Barrack Obama occupied the white oval office.  His administration showed more leniency to illegal immigrants.  Under his administration, a broader immigration reform plan has been conceived. This immigration reform is a six point program that covers boarder security, worksite enforcement,  guest worker programs (like H-2A Agricultural Seasonal Worker Program, H-2B Program for non-agricultural seasonal workers, and extension of TN work visa eligibility for a period of 3 years),  improvement of immigration system, amnesty program, and naturalization process.  It involves requiring the immigrants to learn English, to have jobs, and avoid committing crimes. It also involves a program that will guide the immigrants toward the path of citizenship within a period of 10 years. This proposed immigration reform is expected to create positive effects for everyone. Among the benefits that are expected from this proposed reform are better immigration systems, more secured borders, removal of incentives to enter illegally and of course peace of mind to those who have immigrated illegally in the country.  Among the known advocates of the proposed immigration reform are Republicans Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and Jeff Flake, as well as John McCain.  On the side of the Democrats, Dick Durbin, Michael Bennet, Robert Menendez, and Chuck Schumer are known to be its staunch supporters. On the other hand, one of the major critics of this proposed reform is Mitt Romney who publicly uttered that illegal immigrants should self deport.  Last June 2012, President Obama ordered to make the US deportation rules to be more lenient and allow illegal immigrants (who came to the US as children) to work.

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