The Immigration Reform and its Impact on the Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs have made substantial contributions to the United States. No one can deny that immigrant entrepreneurs have established some of the most successful large businesses in the United States. Small business owners and investors also operate establishments in local communities in the United States. Currently the immigration law has been modified. In this article I will discuss about the impact of immigration reform on the foreign entrepreneurs.

• The current immigration reform bill allows the STEM graduates to be exempt from the labor certification requirement. So, now it is easier for the STEM graduates to get a green card after their graduation.

• If you want to start a small business in the United States, an E-2 visa will be perfect for you. E-2 visa is a current option for those who invest more than 50K. Read more about E-2 here.

• If you want to have a green card and want to start or purchase a business in the United States, you must apply for EB-5 Investor Visa. Read more about Eb-5 here.

• As an attempt for attracting foreign investors and creating jobs, immigration reform bill also creates another visa that is a ‘nonimmigrant investor visa’ (X visa). This X Visa is also a good opportunity for entrepreneurs. X Visa is created for the entrepreneurs who invested at least $100,000; or the entrepreneurs who have created 3 jobs and made $250,000 in yearly revenue.

• The current immigration reform bill creates an EB-6 immigrant investor visa. This visa leads to a Green Card and is a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs who are involved in their start-up businesses. The requirements of this visa are: business of the applicant must create 5 jobs and also must have generated  at least $500,000 funding.

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