Investing in the US?

The US government has allotted 140,000 employment based immigrant visas to qualified applicants. Investors wanting to invest in the US are among those who qualify to this category. Also known as immigrant entrepreneurs, the type of visa allotted to them is the EB5.  Certain requirements are needed to qualify to this category.

First, the applicant must be an alien who wishes to set up a business in the US that will help provide employment to its citizens. The applicant must be willing to put up a commercial enterprise with a minimum capital of $1,000,000 or $500,000 if the target area of investment is in the rural area. Furthermore,  such investment must be employment generating, thus it is required to create or provide full time jobs for at least 10 US citizens, permanent residents or other individuals who are lawfully allowed to work in the US, within the course of 2 years. Of course, immediate relatives of the investor will not be counted.

Commercial enterprise may come in different forms. According to USCIS -US Citizenship and Immigration Services such enterprise can come  in the form of but not limited to  joint ventures, sole proprietorship, corporation, and business trust.

This type visa has 4 categories: C5, T5, R5, and I5. C5 category refers to investors who wish to invest outside the targeted areas. T5 involves investments or commercial enterprise that will be put up within the targeted areas. One should note that targeted areas refer to those areas with very high unemployment rate. Usually, these locations can be found within the rural areas. The term rural areas refer to those places that are not located in cities or towns with a population of 20,000 or more. Those opting to invest on pilot programs in targeted areas fall under the I5 category, while those who choose to invest outside the targeted areas will fall under R5.

In addition, those wishing to apply for this type of visa should be able to present documents like passports, Form DS-230 ( Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration form), medical examinations, financial support, civil documents (like birth and marriage certificates), and of course 2 two by two pictures of the applicant.

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