Obama’s Speech in Las Vegas & Comprehensive Immigration Change

At last, the much awaited speech of one of the most powerful men in the world has been delivered. Controversial from the very beginning, the US president (who has promised change to his people) has once again did something monumental.  Everybody knows that the President of the Unites States has been a staunch supporter of a comprehensive immigration reform.

He began his speech by reminding everyone that America is a nation of immigrant and said in the latter part that only the Native Americans can call themselves as the original Americans. The rest also used to be immigrants who were also brought to the vast and rich territory that is now called the U. S.  These statements alone are enough to tell where the president stands. Throughout his speech, the president cited examples of great achievements done by immigrants that benefited the US. Among his examples were investments done by immigrants that provided jobs to many Americans like Google and Yahoo.  He also acknowledged the brilliant ideas and inventions that were conceived and done with the help of some immigrants that helped changed, shaped, and defined the US society like Intel and Instagram.  This information really highlighted some of the major contributions of US immigrants and clearly implied the important roles that they perform in the US society.

Also, in the president’s speech, he informed the US population about the immigration reforms (which he has claimed to be dictated by common sense) that he plans to implement during his term. According to the speech that was delivered by the president in Las Vegas, Nevada, the idea to reform the immigration law is not something new. He claimed that ideas like this had been conceived already by well respected statesmen like Senator Ted Kennedy.  He also mentioned that the bipartisan actions now  prove that democracy is at work but also hinted that should this cause delay to the much needed reforms, he will be willing to take such matter into his own hands by creating his own bill which he  intends to submit to Congress. Moreover, he stated that he will demand the members of Congress to vote on the said bill immediately. This clearly shows that such reforms are one of the priorities of the Obama administration.

The president also included in his speech some of the important points of his immigration reform plan. Among those  important points are : continuously strengthen the security of the US boarders and to create  a better immigration law that will help legalized the status of the 11 million people who illegally  entered the country and are presently staying in the US.  The president said that he envisioned the immigration reform to be smarter and faster.  He said he wanted the immigration reforms to serve as a path toward US citizenship and as a means that will entice the best and the brightest people of the world to come, immigrate and live in the US.

In the end, President Obama said that the strength of the US depends on its people, too. People who are willing to do everything for their dreams, to work hard, and to pledge their allegiance and loyalty to the flag of a great country known as the  United States of America.

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