How to Work on Business/Visitor Visa in the U.S.

Business people who enter the US are usually issued a Business visa – B1. People covered by the visa-waiver arrangement (ESTA) are limited to do the following scenarios:

  • Business negotiations;
  • Solicitation of investments or sales;
  • To make purchases or investments;
  • Full participation in meetings;
  • Hiring of staff; or
  • Business research.

Contrary to the visa-waiver arrangement and classic B1 visa, there is a need for a visa in the following situations:

  • One runs a business in the US;
  • Joins in professional sporting and entertainment events;
  • Employment;
  • When one is paid by any of the organizations and companies in the US.

However there may be an exception. For instance, a company outside the US wants to sent an employee to the US to manage project on a temporary basis. In such case, the H1B visa is more appropriate. Because H1B visa process is a quite complicated and there is a limited space of available petitions per year (65,000), B1 visa in lieu of H1B is a perfect solution.


  • The work accomplished in the US should be on the H1B level that is a specialty occupation.
  • A person must have a permanent work status in the company and is paid by the company outside of the US.
  • A person has to hold a degree that is relevant to the work that will be provided.  It means that work experience related to a particular job is not considered.

It usually takes about 1 up to 2 weeks to obtain a B1 in lieu of H1B visa and since this visa has a broader scope, it is expected that more documents will also be presented at the US Consulate.

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