What Do You Need to Know in Order to Apply for a Driver’s License

DRIVER LICENSEUndocumented immigrants in Oregon can get driving license after Governor John Kitzhaber signed the bill that will make it lawful for people that live in Oregon to hold drivers license. While they will not get the full license, they will get a four-year license.

According to the bill, anyone who is living in Oregon without legal permission can now apply for the “driver’s card” as it is being referred to distinguish it from the regular Oregon license. Regular license is for 8 years for those you have been in the state for at least 1 year. The driver’s license can only be used for driving and identification purposes. However, the driver’s license for the immigrants cannot be used as the standard Oregon license. For example, the holder cannot use it to buy a firearm, board a flight or even vote.

Other states have been handling the same matter differently. Now, each state should make own decision. Some states are not implementing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) on licenses, because they say that it’s not applicable.

What do you need in order to apply for a driving license:

  1. Pass the paper test
  2. Pass the road test
  3. Pay the application fee
  4. Present the documentation including ID, foreign passport, valid visa, Social Security Number or ITIN Number, I-94 card. 
  5. Photo

We recommend to visit DMV site that is a great source of information for those applying for Driver’s license in a particular state.

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