What Registered Nurses Should Know about Work Visa?

H-1C visa for nurse

Are you a foreign registered nurse?
Looking for a work opportunity in the United States? 

The H-1C Visa is a solution for you!

H-1C Visa, a short overview what you should know about.

H-1C visa or also known as nursing visa is for all registered nurses who wish to work in the health profession shortage areas. The number of issued every year is very limited. Only 500 visa are issued per year. This type of visa is issued for a maximum of 3 years and can’t be extended. In order to qualify for the, a nurse must be or have a nursing degree in the United States. Registered nurse must be qualified and eligible under the state law where nurse intends to work. Passing the NCLEX-RN exam may also be necessary.

The employment is limited to the areas designated as Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA) by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Since the number of H-1C Visas are limited, most nurses skip this process and apply directly for the Nurse Green Card. Spouse and kinds of H-1C Visa holder can enter the United States on H4 - dependent visa.

While applying for this visa, an individual isn’t bound to maintain a foreign residence and show intent to return home. The dependents (kids and spouse) of the H-1C Visa holder can stay with the nurse as long as nurse maintains the H-1C Visa status. They can attend schools but they are not allow to work.

Requirements for H-1C Visa that must be met by the U.S. employer.

The sponsoring hospital must be a ‘Subpart D’ hospital under the social security act and must be located in a HPSA as of 1997. The hospital should have at least 190 acute care beds and should be reimbursed by Medicare for at least 35 percent of acute care days. The hospital must pay the prevailing wage for the local area in which all the registered nurses are employed by the hospital.

The total number of the H-1C registered nurses should be one third of the total number of registered nurses being employed in the hospital. It is not allowed for the nurses to perform nursing services at any place other than the worksite controlled by the facility. Above all, the H-1C registered nurses cannot be transferred from one workplace to the other.

For further reading read the Wikipedia description about H-1C Visa.

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