This type of visa is also well-known as sponsor visa in many Asian countries. L visa is suitable for overseas company intending to sent one of their key employees or employees with specialized knowledge to open up their office or subsidiary in the US. Employees can work in US for maximum of three years and after three years extension of L Visa is required.

Certain credentials for getting work L Visa are following

  • The individual applying for L visa must have an experience of at least one year within the last three years, and the work must be done for the sponsoring company.
  • The applicant must have worked as a key employee/manager or worker with specialized knowledge.
  • Once the visa is expired, visa holder must leave the US or extend his/her status.
  • The overseas company must be directly related or affiliated to an American company that is sponsoring L visa applicant.

This visa provides a great opportunity to hire the highly experienced employees to work in US for overseas company and allow them to be transferred from other branches throughout the world.

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