Work P-Visa for Artists, Athletes and Entertainers

P1 visa are for internationally recognized athletes, artists and people working in the entertainment industry.

Conditions for obtaining P-1 Visa

To obtain a P-1 visa applicant must be an internationally known personality who travels to the U.S. to compete or perform at a particular event. An international famous athlete or a person working in the entertainment industry must be globally recognized as either an individual or as part of a group. In addition, the applicant must have a U.S. agent or sponsor who sponsors his/her stay in the United States.

Rules for P-1 visa

P-1 visa is for people working in the entertainment industry or recognized athletes (and) are issued for the duration of a particular stay that does not exceed a 1 year period. However, some athletes (individuals) may be provided for up to five years and team athletes for 1 year with a possible extension. Persons who wish to accompany the applicant may apply for P-1 visa if their experience and skills are necessary to perform work of visa applicant.

Spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age can apply for derivative visas in order to join spouse/parent in the USA. These spouses/children are allowed to study in the United States, but  are not allowed to be employed without proper work visa.

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