Work in America. 

There are several types of work visa that allows you to stay and legally work in the US. Here is a short overview of work visas that you may want to consider.

Specialty Occupation Work Visa

H1B visa are a good fit for people who:

a) Graduated from the US University or college with bachelor or higher degree.
b) Graduated from the foreign University, but they do possess an extensive work experience.
c) Already found the US employer who is going to sponsor them.

Such specialty occupation includes lawyers, doctors, accountants, financial analysts, bankers, teachers, etc.

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Temporary or Seasonal Work Visa 

H2B visa are a good fit for people who:

a) Looking for a seasonal employment in non-agricultural area.
b) Their employer isn’t or wasn’t able to locate anyone who is able and willing to work at such position.
c) Found the US employer who is willing to sponsor them.

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Work Visa for Extra-ordinary Skilled People 

O-1 visa is a good fit for people who:

a) Are internationally or nationally recognized experts in their field.
b) Looking for or already found the US employer who is going to hire them for temporary period of time.
c) Are able to show their expertise supported by sufficient evidence.

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Work Visa for Intra-company Transferees or Managers 

L1-B and L1-A work visa may be a good fit for people who:

a) Have been working for a parent company for a minimum of one year preceding the year in which applying for L1 visa.
b) Have been working at position that requires a specialized knowledge or at position of the manager/executive.
c) Their current company is expanding and opening another office in the U.S., where they like to be relocated.

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Now, there are many other work visa types but we tried to highlight the most common and frequent visa out there.

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